Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Anise Muslin the Second.

So here is muslin 2.0 for my Anise jacket. Frustratingly, clearly as you can see, it's still a loooong way off being ready.

Excuse the crappy selfies.

The back looks much better in this version - the excess fabric is pretty much gone and I think that looks fine now.

From the front, however, it's still nowhere near right. I've pulled the front across so that the collar touches in the middle (it's hard to see in the pic because my hand is obscuring it) but I think that the front is too far across. I think moving the centre front across a little will a) give me some more space in the upper chest (see the drag lines from my arm?) and might even help the boxiness a bit. I'll add some fabric to the collar so that it continues to touch in the centre.

I also am going to take the sides in a bit under the bust and probably raise the hemline by an inch or maybe even two. I don't want it toooo cropped, but I think that the length at the moment might be contributing to the frumpiness on me.

What do you think I need to do?

To be honest I'm feeling pretty disheartened about this jacket. I really want to get this to fit me better, but I'm beginning to think that the style itself just really doesn't work with my figure. Which SUCKS as I love, love, LOVE this jacket on everyone else. I'm not ready to give up yet, and my inexperience is likely the cause of most of my issues, but I feel like I'm caught in the muslin infinite loop at the moment. I CAN see big progress between this and the first one (which I forgot to take photos of, so you'll have to take my word for it!) but there still is such a long way to go.

All advice is very gratefully received.


  1. Hard to really see, but I'm wondering if you need a pattern with princess seams on the front to eliminate the boxiness that is bugging you. (The model on the pattern looks rather flat in the chest.) Perhaps using the collar, sleeve, and back of this pattern frankensteined with a princess seamed front pattern will give you the look you are wanting. Or maybe a belt would help?

    The back looks good, so you have done well with whatever alterations you did there! =)

    1. oh. my. goodness. Yes. That would be GREAT! It still allows me to keep the things that I really like about the pattern while having it still be more flattering to my bust! genius!

    2. Bring it along on saturday with some pins and we can help you out here, I'm sure of it :)