Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tiramisu sew along!

As you can see by my new badge, I'm participating in Steph C from CakePattern's sew along! I'm really excited. I made a tiramisu dress over the holidays and love it to death. I wear it so much that every time I've had a chance to take photos in it I realise that it's a bit grubby and needs a wash first.

My second tira is going to be striped too, but blues, cream, green and grey stripes. I cut it out last night and today and am all set to add the stabilisers and press the neck and arm binding, as per the day 3 tasks. Woo!

I cut the fabric on a single layer. Steph has you fold the selvages back over themselves instead of selvege to selvege. This meant that the stripes on mine would be different colours. Instead I cut one piece out, then used that piece to cut its mirror image. Time consuming, but I had an unexpected day off work today, looking after The Chef, so had time to do it properly. I knew it would be worth the extra effort now and that I would be cross with myself if I didn't make that effort.

Can't wait to finish this, but I'm being strict with myself and not letting myself get ahead of the sew along.

I have heaps more fabric leftover than I thought I would, too. I bought spare stuff in case of errors (likely with me) and to make a Renfrew. I think I have enough for another Tira! Nice!

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