Friday, 4 January 2013

Sewing a wardrobe

There's an interesting discussion on the Coletterie website at the moment about tracking your wardrobe using a template that Sarai has made available. It helps you to work out what gaps you have, what you have too many of, and what you're missing.

It's something that I find interesting - mostly because I don't really have many clothes at all. Looking through the template and I can see that the majority of those slots would be empty for me! That was actually one of the reasons that I took up sewing in the first place. I've hated shopping for clothes for years and really hate buying "cheap" clothing that wears apart a few times after you buy it. The other reason I hated shopping was because I always felt so frumpy. I am full busted, with a small waist and huge hips. I can never find RTW clothing that fits me and flatters the figure that I have. I'm also short, so a lot of the clothing was proportionately wrong on me too. I've never been a big reader of fashion magazines, and not having huge amounts of disposable money to spend on clothing means that I ended up saving up for a while and then doing a big splurge that I felt guilty about. And usually most of the clothes that I bought during the splurge were ones that I felt like I should buy, and not ones that I really loved or felt put together in.

In fact, that's one of the reasons that I was so focussed on sewing basics for my summer sewing plan. I'm trying to build myself a new, wearable and rotatable wardrobe that will last. I'm getting there!

It's a daunting feeling though. I can hang all my clothes (apart from tshirts etc which are folded) in a two door wardrobe, with spare room and room for my shoes to hang in a shoe rack (I desperately need more shoes, too).

My sewing plan is coming along pretty well - I haven't deviated from it too much at this stage. As I mentioned in my last post I've made 2 black renfrews and have fabric for two more (a cream one and a striped one made out of fabric from my second Tiramisu dress that I'm making in the sew-along).

My Cambie is still in the muslin stage, as is my Anise, but I'm making progress on them both!

I'll keep chugging away and eventually I'll have a wearable wardrobe!


  1. Looks like you started sewing for almost identical reasons to me :) We both just need to keep at it, and eventually we'll have a wardrobe we're happy with!

  2. Ooh, thanks for the link! I'll have to have a go at that spreadsheet myself. I know that in some ways I have plenty of clothes, but in other areas I still have a few holes. At least there are far fewer gaps in my wardrobe than there used to be!
    I'm a bit impressed/shocked that Sarai has TWENTY-FOUR going-out dresses! I have two! Although that could also be a difference in lifestyle. :)