Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A year that was

So 2012 was my first year of sewing. I made 8 items...

3 x Simplicity 2152 skirts - two are badly finished and the third is a little short and has some annoying puckers on the waist band
teeny tiny photo. Cute skirt, but terrible finish on the inside and the zip.

progress shot... this needs the lining taken up and the fabric crinkles like crazy. Shame - I love the combination of fabric and waist band.

my favourite of the three - this one is pretty wearable and I did a good job on the finish. Terrible Selfie, though, sorry. 

1 x Beignet - I think this is too big, it feels a bit frumpy on and I'm not sure that the shade of blue is the most flattering on me
Thanks to Rennous-oh-Glennous for the photo!

1 x Crepe - This just didn't work. The fabric was too stiff and heavy and the bodice was badly fitting. I need to take the side seams in and fix the shoulders - it makes me look like a line backer at the moment! I've taken off the facing and am going to see if using bias tape as a facing will help salvage this dress at all. Who knows?

2 x Renfrews (not pictured)- I love this pattern, but I need to take the bands off the second of these and make them (much) smaller. They aren't sitting right at the moment. I also need to take in the arms and the sides a little too. I love the pattern, though, and think that was more due to my crappy sewing techniques / learning to sew with knits than anything else.

1 x Tiramisu (blogpost to come) - I love this dress! It's not totally perfect, but it's pretty good. The bodice was a bit long for me - maybe I needed a smaller size bodice? so I took it up and now it's just a little too high. Whoops! Also, whilst I did a *pretty, pretty, pretty* good job on matching my stripes, they've stretched out a little bit in some areas. Other than that, this dress is perfect and I have barely taken it off. I have fabric ready to go for another one during the sew-a-long! Yess!

So what did I learn this year? SO much. Since these are my first 8 items ever, I'm doing pretty ok for a newbie! I'm learning a LOT and loving the process. I'm trying to not be too hard on myself and I'm getting better at learning about fit and changing patterns to fit me better. I think this will take time. If I can continue to learn and progress like I did this year, I'll be more confident about wearing my me-made-clothing out in public. Hell, if I have a few more projects as wearable as my Tiramisu dress, I'll be happy!

Plans for the new year? So many. I've got quite a few items up my sleve. I'm still working on my summer sewing plan - I've got the Cambie muslin half done, with a few alterations to go, and I'm nearly finished my muslin for my Anise jacket! Another Tira or two to come, MAYBE three. I have two more Renfrews planned - one will be a hoodie! and I want to make at least one Elisalex dress. I also have that amazing bird fabric from Kat, and I have plans for that too. So many plans!

But that's good - I've got my Sew-jo back and am excited about all these projects. I'm loving getting stuck into it all and am learning more by the day. It feels so good!


  1. You're doing awesomely for a beginner! And you've been inspiring me to up my game too. :)

  2. Definitely awesome for a newbie :) I particularly love the polka dot skirt in the 'bad selfie' - looks great!

  3. That's pretty bloody good for your first 8 garments! I should show you my first "real" skirt someday (and that's not even counting fancy dress costumes) - it's a complete comedy of errors!