Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Couture Dress

I signed up for my first craftsy course - The Couture Dress by Susan Khalje. I've been watching the videos the past couple of days and am LOVING them. It's been really good watching her do the whole process and talking me through the different steps and why. It's been fantastic. The most exciting part for me is that after she talked me through cutting and marking pattern pieces, I GET it! I always get scared of this step, but now, if I mark my stitching lines, then cutting isn't scary at all! It was also really helpful to see how she matched up the grain lines and measured the grains to make sure that the pieces are straight. Another process that I'm no longer scared about!

Now to wish for a day with nothing on so that I can get back into my pattern work and modifications for my Cambie dress! Oh, and finish that second Renfrew top too!

In other news, I'm developing a series of posts on a different sewing topic. I've been a passionate embroiderer for the last 15-20 years or so, and am going to cover a few different types of embroidery and some other topics. Is there anything that you'd like me to cover? So far the topics that I plan to talk about are:

  • Some amazing textile and embroidery artists
  • Different types of embroidery
  • Tools of the trade
  • Different types of embroidery stitches
Anything else?


  1. How good are the craftsy courses? I've got this one too, although I've yet to finish watching it. Everyone I know who's made a dress following her instructions said it has basically been the best thing they've ever sew, so taking your time to do it her way obviously really, really pays off. Are you thinking of doing the pattern that comes with, or a different one?
    I know sweet FA about embroidery, so would be happy to see/read about anything you've got :)

  2. I might buy this one next time there is a sale - I got the serger course - I need to conquer the beast! I look forward to seeing your dress :-)