Monday, 15 October 2012

Cambie FBA

I made my first muslin of my Cambie this weekend! yay! It looks really good, all told, and there aren't many adjustments that I need to make to it. I made a straight size six of the bodice only, thread tracing as I went - go me!

I knew that I'd have to do an FBA, and whilst it zipped up without one, it's a bit tight. I'm going to add about an inch and a half to the front bodice.

This is a bad shot of my unmade bed and the tight front of the Cambie muslin. It feels pretty comfy, but I think a little more ease would be ok.

 Here's a back shot of the muslin. It's a tiny bit tight, but I think the FBA would fix that. I don't think I'll make any other alterations to the back at this stage.

This is the fabric that I'll be using for the Cambie. Pretty, huh?

I went to do the FBA but got confused, as there isn't a side dart on the bodice or a clear arm scythe. So I did some googling and asked twitter and came up with a couple of suggestions. One was to do an FBA which would create a side dart, and another was to convert it into a princess seam.

I wasn't sure how either way would work, so I made a little mockup of the former this morning to test. It's very rough, and was just done to test the idea and see if it would work, before I cut into my traced pattern. It looks like it would work ok, so since it's the easy option of the two, I'm going to attempt that first. I got a bit confused when looking at the princess seam option, and since I don't have a french curve, I might leave that off for the moment. I'll come back to it once I have a bit more experience.

Here's my tiny model. I made a mark of about where the apex would be and drew across to the side from there. I then made a mark to where I thought the arm hole would be (between the sleeve notches and the seam allowance) and I drew down from the apex into the waist dart. I didn't lengthen the other side, as this was just a quick mock-up, but I think that could work! At least I feel prepared now to give it a shot and try it in the muslin. The FBA has the benefit of lengthening the bodice too - which I need. It's just a tiny bit short at the moment. 

I went to a restaurant with The Chef a little while ago and we sat at barstools at the bar. He couldn't work out why we were at eye level and thought I was sitting on a taller chair. It took a little while for it to dawn on him that I have a long torso and very short legs!

Oh that my legs were longer. Sigh.

In other news! Below is the fabric that I had picked out for my Hazel. Now that I've decided to leave that pattern, the fabric is free for another project. I have 2 meters of it and a white cotton to underline it with. What to make!? 

 And this gorgeous fabric is the fabric that Kat from All the whimsical things gave me at the last sewing meetup. I'm so excited about making something with it! I was thinking maybe even another Cambie - but the colours are very similar to the other Cambie that I'm making. Hmm. I am on the lookout for a pattern for this fabric too. Can't wait to use it, I love it!

 Finally, I went for a walk to the market yesterday and saw little Oscar! a few months ago, The Chef turned up at 4am with a tiny kitten that he'd rescued. It went back home to it's owners after stealing our hearts, but lives a block away so I can go and say hello occasionally. Look how cute he is?! Aww!

I want another kitten!!!


  1. You got it. I'll have to show you how to convert the bodice to princess seam. You're very close once you have the fba cut and ready to spread. And beautiful fabric and cute kitten.

    1. Yay! thanks! thanks for your help with the fitting too - you've been a godsend! :)

      So many hugs!

  2. All those fabrics are lovely! But of course I love the red stripes the best. :)

    1. Yeah, I love them too. Now to find a pattern that does the fabric justice!