Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Breaking up is hard to do.

But I have broken up with Hazel, at least for now.

I started making progress at the Social Sewing day - the bodice fit well after I took in a tuck across the bust, but the stomach area was baggy and my attempts at fixing that didn't really work. I put on my muslin on Saturday to do some more work in it, looked at it in the mirror and sighed, pulling it off.

I might revisit this pattern in the future, once I'm better at fit adjustments, but at the moment it's not inspiring me to sew, and it's putting me off turning on my sewing machine, so it's not worth the effort.

I have the bodice of Cambie traced out, ready for me to make my first muslin, and I'm pretty excited to get into it - I've got things on the next two nights and have been concentrating on cleaning the poor neglected house, so I'm going to block out my Friday night for a big sew fest. I'm looking forward to trying this pattern!

I've also been thinking more about my sewing plan for the season. I went through my closet the other day and got rid of a couple of bags of clothes. I really don't have much in the way of clothes at the moment, so need to get stitching! what a liberating feeling. I'll keep tweaking my plan and hopefully can show you it in a couple of days. I'm basically pretending that I don't have any clothes at all, and working from there. I've got some priority sewing projects and some "Would be nice" projects.

A sneek peek is that I have QUITE a few Renfrews lined up - I got rid of all my layering t-shirts in the clean out - they were cheapies from Cotton-on and weren't very nice to wear. I quite like the idea of a Renfrew Assembly line-up, and might try to make all of them in a marathon sewing session! I guess I'll definitely get some good knit sewing experience, if nothing else!


  1. Hzael is a fickle beast- I am yet to try her again! Cambie will cheer you up for sure :D

  2. Hazel is a tough nut to crack. I found my pleats in my muslin sat better than a gathered skirt. I think the bodice finishes too high for a gathered skirt that isn't particularly wide to accommodate the gathers.
    Can't wait to see your cambie!! My fabric is drying for No.4