Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Blue Beignet

And so it is finished...or jolly well close enough to finished for me. Thanks so much to the super lovely Jenny from http://rennous-oh-glennus.tumblr.com/ for taking these photos for me! We caught up on Saturday and it was so lovely to meet her and for her coming to my rescue in taking photos!

 Looking at them now, though, the skirt needs a JOLLY GOOD PRESS!

 I'm wearing it with my red Tilly Bow Belt, but I have a polka dot one to match the facing and the pocket and I have a belt as per the pattern in the corduroy too.
 my polka dot pocket! I only have one because I ran out of the polka dot fabric. One is better than none though!

On the whole, I'm really happy with it! I tried to take my time with this project and make sure it was finished properly. I sewed the lining together with french seams, and bound the seams of the shell fabric (in a pretty red contrast bias binding! ooh la la!). I also had more fun with picking finishings for this project - I used a navy polka dot fabric - the same as my Olive Grove dress - as facing and for the pocket and lined the skirt with red lining.

I found this to be quite a challenging project in many respects though. I had difficulty with the corduroy - I found it kept slipping and it left some of my seams a bit puckered. This was particularly frustrating, as I basted all the seams before sewing them. It meant my skirt is slightly shorter than intended as I had to even up the front pieces which had stopped being the same length. Irritating!

I also wasn't as careful when buying lining or lengths of twill tape, and I had to go back TWICE! to buy more as I didn't get enough the first time. My own fault for being careless, but it was aggravating, none the less.

Then I ran out of thread mid-button hole. Unpicking button-holes from corduroy fabric is pretty hard, it turns out!!

But it's done, and the troubles from the build are fading from my mind.

This isn't a style of skirt that I'd normally pick out, but I was swayed by the multitude of versions that have been made by better sewists than me. I didn't make a muslin for this, and I graded the hips up to a size 8, with a size 6 in the waist. I think next time I won't bother with this grading, as it feels too big - especially in the stomach area, and adds too much bulk there. It's really comfortable to wear, though, and I do like it, and maybe this is just a style that I'm not used to wearing? When I'm less lazy, I plan on taking the buttons off and sewing them on again a bit further in, to make the skirt smaller. I think it's a bit big for me at the moment.

I'll make this skirt again - a nice garbadine version could be good for the warmer weather. And I certainly learnt a LOT of new skills whilst making this: sewing curved seams, stabilising with twill tape, bias-binding, button-holes, not to mention working with corduroy! So ultimately, I'm pretty happy. And again, I have to keep reminding myself that this is my 5th garment, so it's ok for them not to be perfect at this stage. I read a quote - can't remember where - saying that the problem with starting to write is that your taste is developed enough to be able to tell that your work isn't good and you know what you'd like it to be like. I think it's easy enough to give up in a huff, especially if I try to compare myself with people that CAN sew and have been sewing for a while. It's like a muscle though - I'm getting better by sewing more, and the more that I sew, the better I'll get. So I'm trying to not be too disheartened when it doesn't look exactly like the packet, or when I can see glaring flaws in what I make. I'm trying to focus on what I'm learning and how far I've come.


  1. Bells- this is FREAKING RAD! Beignet is totes a nemesis of mine and I am beyond impressed with how awesome this looks! Cord can be a jerk face to see with so really well done :D

  2. It's a gorgeous skirt - I'm loving the blue and red - and those buttons! And don't let the skill level get you down, it's a constant improvement thing! The more you learn... the more you realise you still have to learn! Embrace the learning :P

  3. Hey, how did I miss this post?! Having seen this beauty in person, I didn't notice any of these 'glaring flaws' that you mention! I don't think it matters how much experience you have, you will always be able to see things that you might like to improve! Can't wait to try Beignet out for myself now :)