Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pretty on the inside

I have been head down, tail up for the last couple of weeks. Spent most of Friday and Saturday sewing and my Beignet is tantalisingly close to being complete. All I need to do now is add the twill tape, hem it, and add the buttons / holes and the belt loops! So quite a lot, really. Rockwell and Sons is opening later this week - some shocking electrical issues have delayed the opening by a couple of days, and I really want this to be ready by then.

I'm pretty proud of the finish of this skirt - some photos of the innards below. It's a navy cord and I've bias bound the inside seams with contrast seam binding, and I've used a polkadot facing instead of the cord. I *love* the look of it so far, and am really happy with how professional looking the finish is, well, for me, anyway. I'm glad I've taken a bit more time on this project instead of rushing it, but I still could have taken more care with it over all. I'm getting better, and I think I did an ok job, all up, but we're not out of the woods yet!! Most of the seams match pretty well, which I'm pleased about, and I think the fit should be pretty good, but I'll know more after finishing the seams a bit more - I just turned it inside out for the picture below, but didn't give it a proper press yet. I am rather proud of my curved seam, though!!


  1. The polkadots and the red look really great together!

  2. Thanks Dani!! I love the look too. Shame the other photo is so dark, because the bound seems look so pretty too. I really hope to finish this before Friday, but it's looking unlikely. Oh well. Next week then, I guess!!