Friday, 4 May 2012

Yoking around

My hopes that the skirt was nearly finished were of course premature. I haven't blogged for a few days, but that's only because I figured that there are only so many entries saying "I unpicked everything that I sewed today" that people would read.

It turns out that matching the yoke and the skirt to fit together is more difficult than you'd think. Basting the pieces together made a huge difference, though, and not drinking beer before sewing helped too.

Finally I have the front piece of the yoke attached, however, and I'm pretty sure the seams on the sides are matching up too. WOW. Big progress indeed. I need to iron the skirt again and set the seam, then I think I might attach the zip (the prospect of which is scaring me) and finish the yoke after that. Then I just have to hem the skirt and I'm off!

It never sounds like much work until I actually try to do it, though.

To be honest, I got so frustrated with this skirt this week that I nearly threw it out the window in a fit of pique. I'll definitely get some more fabric ASAP and try it again, just to cement the techniques that I learnt, and I'm hopeful that it might come easier the second time around. At least now I've figured out the instructions.

I still haven't taken any photos - our flat is so dark and I haven't figured out where to take nice photos, yet. I'll try to take some this afternoon.


  1. "It never sounds like much work until I actually try to do it, though."

    Trufax. I never understand why sewing one bloody seam can take fifteen minutes.

  2. Setting the seams! Very proper :-)