Saturday, 5 May 2012


I managed a LOT of progress yesterday. The seams don't *quite* match up on one side, but I'm happy enough with that. It's not bad for my first time and it's looking good!! I added the lining to the yoke and secured it on the other side too. I've basted in the zip, but it's not lining up properly, so I'm going to unpick it and try again. I know this step will take a few attempts but that's ok. I'm getting somewhere and now that I've tried it on, I'm really happy with how it sits on me. If I was more competent, I'd line it, but I'm gonna do baby steps first. In the meantime, here's a quick snap so you can see the yoke and the pocket!


  1. That looks very smart Bella. You chose a moderately difficult pattern to begin with, making the pockets match, with the same angles and height in placement is not easy!

    I am yet to make something where the seams match up on both sides...

    Fleur xx

  2. Sewing is a cat magnet!

    1. It certainly works on my cat...every time! I think she can tell that I'll be engrossed, and, worse, not paying any attention to her!