Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fabric shopping

I set out today, Liberty fabric and patterns in my bag, ready to go via Tessuti after work to pick up the fabric and notions that I need to make the Beignet skirt and another version of my Miss Skirt that I've already made, using the Liberty fabric I already own. The only catch was, that looking up the Domo Forest print that I'd fallen in love with, I noticed that they'd sold out... I emailed Tessuti to see if there was any more coming in, and was told that that was that. Noo! I was crushed. CRUSHED! They sent me a really sweet email back though, which was totally lovely of them. 

I popped by after work and the store is as gorgeous as I remember.

This is one wall in the store. There are heaps more rows of fabric just as gorgeous as these are!

I got there with about 20 minutes to look around, but didn't see anything that sparked my eye immediately as a replacement fabric for the Beignet skirt. I wanted to find some teal or blue fabric to go with my Liberty fabric as the contrast fabric, but didn't see anything that sprung to mind, there, either. 

What I did find, though, was these two beautiful remnant pieces.

The polka dot piece is gorgeous, though there isn't very much of it, and I think the red piece would be perfect for linings. I plan to make a couple of these purses out of the polka dot piece. 

I ended up spending very little, but got quite a bit of bang for my buck, and plan to head back in when I have a bit more time to mooch around and pick out the perfect fabric for the skirt. I mean, I know I can make several versions of it, and if it works well I probably will, but I just don't want to make clothes that I don't love. I don't want to spend a lot of time on something and have it sit in my wardrobe unworn, if I can help it. I have a sewing day coming up next Sunday week (after my 5km run, god help me!), and really want to have some stuff cut out and prepared for that. 

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  1. I do like those smocked polka dot purses. I may have to dry to make one once I make my polka dot dress (and clicking through, they really were as easy as I'd assumed).